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About the database:

Because climate change is a global phenomenon, but with multiple, contrasted local effects, climate change adaptation is a complex topic. While climate science and climate adaptation science progresses, climate adaptation is already a reality for many water utilities all over the world. This is why climate adaptation databases are essential. They provide an extensive source of inspiration/examples for planners & utilities, and are also a means to get in touch with other actors of climate change adaptation. Contributors need to be both a scientific and technical team and, whenever possible, the planners & utilities on a participative basis.

This is the philosophy of this work within the Prepared-project (deliverable D.1.1.1). The Prepared Adaptation Initiatives Matrix works with a database of initiatives in the water sector that aim at coping with climate change. Before an initiative is considered ‘eligible’ for the database and catalogue, a check-list of questions is considered:

  • is this example specific to the urban water sector? If not, does it however potentially benefit the urban sector?
  • is this example an adaptation to climate change? If not, may it however enhance adaptability to climate change?
  • is this example relevant in the European context? (temperate, Mediterranean, continental climates; comparable socio-economic conditions...)

Neither the database, nor the D.1.1.1. report may not of course be completely exhaustive. The inventory of initiatives is complicated by the fact that many adaptation measures are not perceived as ‘adaptation to climate change’, but as simple long-term evolutions of a given practice, or as adaptation in response to a catastrophe, circumstance or event that is not directly perceived as a manifestation of climate change.

This catalogue is built as a ‘living document’, since new initiatives for climate change adaptation are being initiated and taken at anytime and in any place. It is, per se, evolving and will be continuously improved and appended. All suggestions are thus welcome and should be directed to the Prepared-AIM team in the “Contact ” section.

Some statistics about the database used for the matrix:

Here are some statistical information about the database’s current contents. Learn out more by reading through the full report.

(Last update: January 23rd, 2013)

  • Geographical origin of the initiatives in the database:
  • Status of implementation of the initiatives in the database:
  • Risk factors triggering the initiatives collected in the database:
  • Characteristic trigger for the collected initiatives in the database:
  • Nature of the collected initiatives in the database (soft initiatives include e.g. policy measures and assessments, while structural initiatives include e.g. all engineering options):
  • Political drivers for the collected initiatives in the database